Outfit Of The Day: #CoatedDenim & Over The Knee Boots

Those are powerful boots!

Style My Dreams

otk boots & coated denim 3Don’t let this nice weather fool you, shortly after I took these pictures it snowed 🙈 Sigh, it was bound to happen. Anyhow, moving to more fun things! Can we talk about coated denim (also know as “waxed denim”)? In my eyes, they are the next best thing to leather pants. Why? They look like leather but fit like a pair of comfy denim. And they don’t come with the hefty price tag 😉otk boots & coated denim 2otk boots & coated denim 9

Some of my favourite things about coated denim are that they can be easily dressed up or down. The subtle sheen not only highlights your curves but also adds that little something special to elevate your jeans. And not too mention that they’re versatile and edgy. Now in terms of fit, the wax coating makes these jeans not as stretchy as most denim but they keep their shape well. So buy a pair that fit you…

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