The artist Flavour.

Having many projects on my hands and a steady stream of emails calling for my attention have made the word prioritization my best friend. Running a business is already demanding. But when blogging is added to the pot of soup the amount of energy required to cook the meal increases.

Barely 2 weeks old Fashion Review has gone from strength to strength. A lifestyle blog created to daily curate the top 25 contents from the top bloggers in fashion, food, lifestyle, beauty, literature, art and photography. So far we have published over 73 inspiring posts from over 25 blogs! In the process we have connected with really creative bloggers who inspire many with their posts. Bloggers like Caitlin Pomeroy, Sarmistha Goswami, Lydie Epangue, Susana Ares and many more.

I am really excited about the publication of upcoming interviews with many of these bloggers. It will not only showcase their personality but also motivate others to join the bandwagon. Blogging is really fun, although at times it looks like an addictive drug. Nevertheless, it is exciting to freely express yourself in whatever you like, be it food, art or fashion, and to share your opinion.

As I pen this post I am in my favourite Starbucks Coffee at Ealing Broadway, London. I always order the same thing to the extent that the Batista ticks my preferences on the paper cup before I even mention my order! Caffe Latte, extra hot, wet with soya milk. I just realised my camera was left at home, if not I would have taken pictures of the steaming beverage with my croissant and pain au chocolat. All begging to be devoured! Try it.

Finally, I urge you to watch this video by Flavour. It has about 2 million views on YouTube. I love him to bits. You would love him too.

Have a good day:)

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  1. visit · June 14, 2015

    I would surely enjoy it.


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