Dreaming of Blooms :: How To Wear Leather

Nice pictures… very beautiful outfit.

playing with fashion

G60A0169-3_resizeG60A0202-2_resizeG60A0282-3_resizeG60A0299-2_resizeG60A0307-2_resizeG60A0311-2_resizeG60A0315-3_resizeG60A0331-2_resizeG60A0332-2_resizeMany people think of Skinny Jeans as a staple in their wardrobes, and so did I. Until recently I got the perfect pair of Pleather leggings from PROMOD that have been the center of my closet. They simply mold into any outfit I want to create, from very classic with nude pumps to casual with an oversized Sweater. This pair of leggings was all I wore during the cold week we had in Beirut and I still found them very versatile to style.

For this look, I went for a contrasting style between the hardness of Leather and the purity of the Floral Blazer. This combination took me on a trip to Spring-ville and made me at ease in the colder weather. Although I was wearing a Jacket on top of this look, I felt like it was perfect for creating a layered winter look.

I have slowly drawn to…

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