OOTD: Double Denim (A.K.A. The Canadian Tuxedo)

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A Red Lip And A Nude Shoe

double denim2

Canadian Tuxedo – 

1. An outfit consisting of a denim jacket & denim jeans. To spice up the outfit a button down denim shirt may be worn.

2. Wearing denim on denim, bitches.

Urban Dictionarydouble denim3

double denim4

It’s fair to say that this OOTD isn’t entirely a Canadian Tuxedo as technically I’m not wearing a denim jacket, but I think the chambray shirt comes pretty close. I’ve always vowed that I would NEVER wear double denim. Something about it reminds me of bad mullets (because there’s such a thing as a GOOD mullet – hello, Michael Bolton, people!) and listening to “Summer of ’69” – BLERGH! Never say never they say!

double denim6

I think the trick to pulling off double denim is to wear contrasting colours (mixing up light and dark denim) or textures (distressed with chambray) OR to really spice up the look by adding in lots of accessories like belts, scarves and bling. Here I’ve…

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