OOTD: Relax, Take It Easy!

Perfect colour match!

A Red Lip And A Nude Shoe

casual OOTD1Aaaaaaaaaaah!! Can you hear that dollface? That’s the sound of my ass hitting the couch as I begin my two week Christmas holidays. That’s right peeps, I’m on vacay…or more correctly staycay as I’ll be staying around town and keeping a low profile. Although in saying that I’ve been on holiday for two days now and I’ve been busier running errands than I have been in the last six months at work (shhhhhhhhh, don’t tell my boss that!)

casual OOTD2On Sunday I had a full morning of visiting family for breakfast and playing Santa to the kids and then caught up with some friends for a bevvy and some lunch so I wanted to wear something I could relax in, yet still look funky (cos y’all know my idea of relaxed casual isn’t a pair of tracksuit pants!)

casual OOTD3

casual OOTD5Enter this fabulous t-shirt dress from Kmart, it’s  super comfy and stretchy and perfect…

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